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"Super enjoyable metroidvania"
Steam Review
"Overall a solid little metroidvania worth checking out"
Lime Cultivist
Steam Review
"The sense of details in this game is simply amazing"
Steam Review

Super DynoStory

Are you ready to shoot, jet pack and bird your way across colourful and dangerous worlds to take back your gold?

Don’t miss out on Studio DynoStorm’s first and incredibly highly praised debut metroidvania. This is where it all started!

"Outstanding game, this guy knocked it out of the park on this one."
Prototype Review
"This game is really good and conceptually interesting"
Ivan The Horrible
Prototype Review
"I was doing fine until the modern art/landwhale/furry rush ramped up. Then they stole my wahmens."
Black Flag Printing Press
Prototype Review


Retake Western Civilisation from hordes of spiteful mutants. A TF2 / Survivor-like-inspired Tower Offense game.

Prototype banned on GX.Games for being too based, COMING TO STEAM!

Now in development in Godot 4.

"The bar has been raising very significantly."
Lake Feperd
Review of Demo
"The dark and gritty melodrama of the plot will always be hilarious when juxtaposed by the giant bobbing dinosaur portraits."
Review of Demo
"Its weird af but at the same time fun"
Review of Demo

Mr Rex's Zealous Adventure

Mr Rex’s Zealous Adventure is on hold until further notice, this game is pretty big and ambitious.

It’s simply too soon for this game. When Studio DynoStorm has more time/money then, IT’S ON!

If you want to see more of the gameplay, here’s a rough video showing all the 4 episodes and a new version of episode 2 with the new dynamic difficulty level system:


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