New Short Animations

Some short animations I made in my free time. Check ’em out.

The Zealous Adventures of Mr Rex

During 2015-2017 I created an animated more comedic previous version of Mr Rex. It was a pretty crazy trip but it would’ve taken me 10+ years to complete a single season of this show so it concluded at the start of episode 3. I think Episode 2 and the OP holds up pretty well but obviously very different from Mr Rex’s Zealous Adventure, the game I’m working on under the same IP.

AI Experimentation

This was made in a single day in runwayML using runway’s text to video tool.

As you can see it’s a fun experiment but at the time ai-video was pretty questionable and unpredictable in quality. Some shots were pretty cool, I hid a lot of weirdness with lens flares.

I still strongly prefer to do thing by hand but AI is definitely cool and has potential.

Old Projects

Some of the best of my older works.